Why Do Dogs Lick Other Dogs Ears?

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When you own a pet dog it’s important to know that “Why do dogs lick other dogs’ ears? Dogs will normally play with other dogs’ ears to groom them.

If you have two dogs of the same family member, they can easily join each other’s and groom. licking each other’s ears is one method to show that. If you’ve seen this happening to your dog, so read more to learn the various reasons, why dogs lick other dogs’ ears.

Top 10 Reasons: Why Do Dogs Lick Other Dogs’ Ears

It’s easy to connect the licking to grooming. Here I will explain the 10 reasons Why do dogs lick other dogs’ ears. You can look them up below.

1: Dogs Bond through Grooming

Dogs Bond through Grooming

Grooming one another is the way dogs form bonds with one another! They’ll rub each other’s backs and focus on areas another dog can’t reach. This can include the ears, face, and neck.

If your dog has been licking the ears of another dog is to groom them Mostly, your dog won’t stay for too long in the ears of the dog, and you’ll notice them licking their places as well.

It’s not a behavior; you should not try to stop it! Grooming is a sign that they love the dog they are grooming and view them as a family member. It also aids the dog so that they feel fresh and well-pampered.

2: They’re Treating an Injury

Have you heard that animals detect the presence of bacteria found within an infection? It’s not difficult to imagine that a dog’s sense of smell is far greater than those of humans. However, you might not have realized they are this powerful.

If another dog suffers from an ear problem, there’s a high chance that your pet will be able to detect the smell. It’s the same with any other wound or injury on or inside another dog’s ear. Dogs may rub the ear of a dog to heal the wound.

3: They Like the Taste

This one’s quite strange. However, certain dogs love to lick other dogs’ ears simply because they love how it tastes. We may think our dogs smell somewhat sour. However, dogs generally love the scent and the taste. There’s nothing to be concerned about other than the possibility that your dog might have smelly breath later on.

4: They’re Being Affectionate

Dogs show lick in many ways. The most popular way to show love is to lick- that’s licking dogs. If a dog licks you or another dog, it can help bond them and release endorphins. It makes them happy and eager to share that joy with the people around them.

Your dog could be able to lick the nose or face of another dog as well as it is head and ears. The dog is trying to show the other dogs that he also loves dogs.

5: They Want Attention

The licking of the ear is an approach to communicating with dogs. They may do it as an expression of greeting or for saying “hello” to the other dog. They may also kiss the other dog’s ears if they need time, attention, or cuddles. It could also be used to wake the dog they wake up from sleep.

Look for body movements, like smiling and bowing, which suggest that the dog is at ease and wants a part. Also, your dog may lower their head and then get at the dog’s face after licking them, saying, “Now clean me!”

6: They’re Being Submissive

Certain dogs with less aggressive personalities might lick a dog’s ears to show respect. This means your dog do this to show respect of dominant dog. Licking could be an indication of respect when it is paired with other miss-behaviors like:

  • The underbelly is showing
  • Beware of eye contact
  • Tails tucked
  • Lowering the head/ears

Dogs show a sense of submission to each other and humans. If you’ve got a shy dog, he could lick another dog’s ears to prove he is doing nothing to hurt.

7: They Could Be Compulsive

The excessive licking of other dogs’ ears could indicate that your dog suffers from a compulsive disorder. Compulsive Disorder occurs whenever any normal behavior, like scratching or licking, turns obsessive and repeated.

Your dog might be compulsive if she frequently licks other objects to take a lick, even when other dogs are nearby. It is important to report this type of behavior to your veterinarian so that they can examine your dog’s behavior more thoroughly.

8: They’re Saying Hello

 dog Want Attention

As human beings, we are forced to believe that there must be a better method to greet dogs to each other as we’ve said earlier that ear licking is one of the strange behaviors in the dog world.

If your dog instantly begins to kiss the ears of other dogs when they greet those at the park with a dog, it’s probably saying hello! It could look like a variety of licks, from a quick swipe on the side of the ear to a complete cleansing of the ear.

9: They Are Following Their Instincts

Even though dogs are domesticated, they still possess basic animal instincts. So, certain traits can never be eliminated. From the time the day they came into this world, the dogs were looked after by their moms. Along with feeding them and safe them, their moms also groomed them with licks.

Many dogs continue to exhibit this behavior throughout their lives, which could be why they love other dogs, including their ears. They’re just instinctually displaying the same behavior towards their pet that they were raised on.

10: They May Be Bonding

Have you ever thought about the fact that dog ears are with nerve endings? The stimulation of these nerve endings releases the pheromones. They affect the behavior of dogs, so when a dog rubs the ears of another dog, they could trigger them and cause an experience of bonding.

In essence, one dog who licks the ears of another can be a very soothing and relaxing experience for both dogs involved and for dogs who are around them. This can help dogs feel safe.

How to Stop Ear-Licking Behavior?

Why do Dogs lick Other Dogs Ears?

The ear licking of a dog is the method to communicate with other canines. It could represent fear and insecurity, or boredom. If you’re looking to keep your pet from licking other dogs’ ears, Try these tricks.

  • Your dog should be praised for their good behavior. Praise them when they behave well and treat them when they do something you love.
  • Provide your dog with an item for them to play with. If your pet gets bored, provide them with something to play with their mouths rather than their ears.
  • Make use of a squirt bottle. If your pet is doing the same thing as a dog’s ear lick, regardless of the steps above, spray water onto their faces and cause them to be uncomfortable about kissing.

When is Ear Licking a Problem?

In most cases, ear licking doesn’t pose an issue. Dogs lick themselves regularly, but there’s not likely to be enough saliva in the ear to trigger an infection unless the excessive licking is.

Here’s how you can intervene:

  • The licking can be excessive.
  • The dog being licked may show signs of irritation or avoidance.
  • A medical condition causes it.

If your dog licks each other’s ears for a short time before moving towards other activities, they’re likely cleaning their ears or enjoying the pleasure of sampling that yummy earwax. It’s not a problem!

If it’s an ongoing issue, you’ll have to determine the source of the problem. You can eliminate the possible causes one at a time until you choose the reason.

I suggest starting with having both dogs visit the vet to determine if there are any health issues and then address any behavior issues when they both get a clean bill of health.

Another reason to deal with the issue is if it’s causing trouble for the dog you share with. Excessive licking can cause pain and soreness in the ear. Even if it’s not the person who is licking your ears could be frustrating!

If the dog being washed begins to run away from the person who is licking them, goes away, only to be watched, or exhibits any body movements to show they are not happy with the licking, take the dogs away for at most some minutes. A dog expressing that they do not like being kissed, and the other dog continues could result in a fight.

This is especially true if the dog licking doesn’t heed warnings such as growling or making a snarl. And lastly, you must deal with medical issues such as anxiety and ear infections right now!


A dog licking a pet’s ears is something that canines do. It is a significant gesture for the dog. It’s a way to integrate with the rest of the crowd or give a social favor by way of some friendly grooming.

However, remember that even though an instinctual ear lick is a part of life, it could develop into something else, and you must keep a watchful eye. Don’t forget the ear-licking technique is among the few ways to show affection to a dog, and we all require some of this. However, it should be noted that there are smart dogs who have learned the art of hugging.


Can I stop my dog when he starts licking me?    

It would be helpful to interrupt your dog whenever they lick you. If you have to wash your hair or do something else, you could put him down.

Dogs generally lick you to show, how much affection he feels for you. Therefore, it’s great if your dog loves to lick you often.

Are licking ears similar to licking butts?    

It’s an absolute no. Dogs who lick another pet’s butt can cause problems in numerous ways. The main issue is that it could cause dirt in the mouth.

In the end, germs could enter and make your pet sick. Therefore, licking the ears isn’t the same as doing the same thing with the butt.

Is it okay if Ky Dog Licks a Lot?    

This issue doesn’t have a definitive answer. However, it is better to keep your dog to stop licking frequently. A lot of licking can cause problems due to dirt entering the mouth. However, it’s generally secure if your dog is allowed to lick around nice things.

Does Gender Matter When It Comes to Ear Licking?

Female dogs love to lick their ears for the same reasons as males, for example, as a way of saying hello, grooming, bonding, and for the pleasure of ear wax.

Female dogs with puppies will have licked their pups for several months, but this doesn’t mean they’d lick more frequently.

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