How to Fold a Dog Crate?

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When traveling with your dog, you need to know “How to Fold a Dog Crate or Cage?” It can be difficult if you don’t follow the given instructions. After learning these steps, you will be able to fold a dog crate and avoid a bruised, or cut finger and breaking crate bars.

It also provides your dog with a clean, comfortable, and secure home away from the house. Using the foldable dog crate is simply a matter of knowing; how it works. and how to fold the dog crate after use.

Quick Instructions:

  • Set the crate on the floor and place the plastic pan at the bottom. Remove the latches from the sides.
  • Fold the crate by grasping the side, that is not latching and sliding the panel open like “an open book.”
  • Make sure, you pull up in the center of the folded crate until, the whole structure rises, creating a rectangular shape.
  • The two panels at the end are folded on the lower tray. Step inside and lift one of the panels, then the other. Once the panels are set, you can gently move up the top part of the container to the side and lock the hooks.
  • These handles slide on the wires that are on top. The handles are designed for moving a crate empty only.

Let’s more about “How to fold a dog cage

How do you Identify Different Types of the Crate?

How do you Identify Different Types of the Crate?

There are many methods to identify different crates. Before we get started, you must know the correct information about your crate. The most popular kinds of crates include:

Plastic Crates for Dogs

They are constructed of solid material, and they are by far the most popular kind of crate. These are also easy to fold. You need to press the buttons to release on either face, and your crate can fold into a small container.

Soft-Sided Crates

Crates for dogs, with soft sides, are a favorite choice for those who travel with small dogs who don’t tend to chew.

The crate you choose to use is typically made of strong elastic fabric, that creates an ideal and safe environment for your pet and is also comfortable. The soft crates fold up and include multiple openings to ease loading and unloading.

Large-Duty Dog Crates

The type of dog crate made of a metal cage is typically not portable. However, specific models are completely collapsible to make storage simpler.

Wire and sturdy crates are made to keep the dogs, even with sturdy latches and strengthened panel joints the dog’s escape is under control.

Furniture Dog Crates

The crates of dogs are made of furniture, which is perfect for fashion-conscious pet owners, who would like their dog’s cage to be a part of the furniture in their home.

They use wood in their construction and are often used as tables, and a crate to serve a dual function, as it can be used as a crate and furniture. However, the crate cannot be moved and can’t be slid away.

How to Fold a Dog Crate Properly?

Once you’ve mastered the various types of crates available, it’s time to understand how to fold a dog crate properly. Follow these steps to fold your crate safely.

How to Fold a Dog Crate Properly ionfographic


Small crates might not come with side tabs; however, they might have tabs on top. If the crate you are looking at has a divider inside, the wall should be removed before the crate is folded.


Make sure that the tabs are all tightly installed so your dog cannot escape. When you fold dog crates, take care not to pinch your fingers.

Step 1: Close the Doors (Front and Side)

If your crate comes with an opening, make sure you shut it before folding it. This will stop the door from being bent or damaged during the fold.

For crates with side doors, you may have to take them out before putting them in the crate. Review the directions to determine what happens. Some storage containers come with an escape hatch at the top. If the crate is equipped with this, be sure to shut it before crashing the crate.

Step 2: Fold the Shorter Side of the Panels

For crates with panel sides (such as those made of wire), Begin by folding down the smaller side panels. This will allow you to fold the longer side panels later on.

You need to unlock the hinges and fold them back down. Take care not to pinch your fingers while folding! Also, ensure that the hinge is locked before folding; otherwise, you could cause damage to the crate.

Step 3: Remove The Latches from the Side Panels. Side Panels

For crates that have locks (such as plastic ones), You must remove the latches from the shorter side panels before folding them in half. To do that, hit the release button on the latches and take it out of the crate. After the latches have been removed, fold them down.

Make sure not to lose the latches while folding the panels down! They could be lost or misplaced. Ensure that the release buttons are fully engaged before taking the latches off; otherwise, you risk damaging the cage.

Step 4: Fold the Sides to The Right and Left Sides

After the lower sides are folded down, you can fold down the left sides of the crate. To do this, open every hinge and fold the panel back down. Make sure you don’t pinch your fingers during this process.

I can assure you that it will be excruciating! Also, ensure that the hinge is locked before folding, or you risk damaging the crate. When folding the panels, ensure they’re aligned with each other. This will allow you to fold your crate in half (if needed).

Step 5: Secure the Crate by Hooking the Crate Hook

For crates that have hook and loop fasteners (such as fabric crates), it is necessary to fix the crate before folding it in half. To do that, press the two parts of the fastener to each other.

This keeps the crate shut when you’re taking it. Also, ensure that the fastener is secure before carrying the crate. If not, the crate will be opened and folded when you carry it.

Small crates might not come with side tabs; however, they might have tabs on top. If the crate you are looking at has a divider inside, the wall should be removed before the crate is folded. Make sure that the tabs are all tightly installed so your dog cannot escape. When you fold dog crates, take care not to pinch your fingers.


A crate that folds is beneficial for those who love to travel with their dog or need to store the crate away from the view of their dog when not in use. Ensure you read the manufacturer’s guides before folding the crate.

There’s usually a number to contact to seek advice if you can’t convince yourself that the crate folds down.

We hope that you enjoy our tutorial on “How to Fold a Dog Crate” for easy transport and storage. If you find our suggestions useful, please share your feedback we will reply to you!

FAQ Section:

How do you fold down a dog crate?

Folding down a dog’s crate is typically as simple as identifying, what kind of crate you have. If you own a wire cage, disconnect all sides and back parts, set the crate down, and then put them on the sides and the top.

Using an open-sided cage, you’ll have to locate the collapse points and press them into the sides. If you own an unpasted crate, remove the top from the container and place its bottom into the top.

How do you fold up a portable dog crate?

If you own a top made of a plastic crate, it isn’t possible to fold it down. Instead, you can cut the top off the crate and place the pieces over one another.

If you own a soft-sided portable crate, press the points of collapse and you’ll be in a position to fold your crate. If you have a metallic dog crate, take off both the sides and the back and then fold them into the crate. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to fold the crate down.

How do you fold a metal pet crate?

You’ll need to find the latches or tabs that secure both the sides and rear of the container. Then unlatch them, after which you can fold both the front and sides of the crate to each other.

You’ll put down the left and then the right side, which is at the top. Some models include latches that let you put the final product, but the folded product must remain stable regardless of whether or not the latch is used.

Do dogs prefer plastic or wire crates?

In general, larger dogs perform better with wire cages. Wire crates are more spacious than plastic ones. Even though small dogs can benefit from wire crates and larger dogs can utilize plastic, if you own an adult dog of a larger breed, you should explore wire crate alternatives.

What can I do to stop crating my dog?

It is common to stop closing your dog’s cage at around two years old. Before that, they’re more likely to be in trouble. Only when they attain full maturity will they be competent to behave in a manner that is not supervised. This is particularly applicable to larger dogs which tend to develop later.

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